Congratulations to our 2021 ASL Honorees!

Honorees completed two years of ASL study and one semester of service. Distinguished Honorees completed an additional academic year of ASL study and at least one additional semester of service.  2021 honorees deserve special recognition for not only completing their coursework requirements online, but also for the additional dedication of completing their service hours, including hosting ASL Labs, online as well.  Special thank you to 2020-2021 ASL Club Leadership, Michael, Cailan, and Jackie for planning and hosting the socially distanced ceremony!

Amanda P. (Distinguished)
Alyssa D.
Julia W.
Shaye D.
Hope M. (Distinguished)
Cailan G.
Lexie B.
Emma M.
Michael W. (Distinguished)
Jaya W.
Sarah M.
Laura D.
Emily G. (Distinguished)
Jackie H.
Rebecka L.