ASL Honor Society

About the Honor Society

Welcome to our home page for the ASLHS - FSU Chapter.  Here, you can find information about the organization and additional opportunities of interest.

The ASLHS provides opportunities for students to demonstrate their commitment to studying American Sign Language and earn special recognition for doing so.  Students who meet nationally-established requirements alongside FSU’s specific requirements are recognized with induction into the National ASL Honor Society upon their graduation.

Students interested in pursuing Honors will be under the direction of Dr. Kristen Guynes.

Only upon graduation and having completed the ASL Honors requirements are students inducted into the National ASL Honor Society.

  • Please be sure to accurately indicate this on resumes, applications, and intent letters.
    • National American Sign Language Honor Society – Induction anticipated upon graduation

Updated February 2022

"FSU ASL Honors" Requirements to be inducted into the National ASL Honor Society and achieve the Alice Cogswell Medal:

  • Completion of ASL 1-3 at FSU
  • Minimum 1 semester successful ASL volunteer placement (on-campus or community, typically associated with enrollment in ASL Independent Studies)
  • Completion of SPA 3801 for at least 1 credit (Research-Based ASL Independent Studies; Admittance is competitive and not guaranteed.)
  • Overall GPA of 3.5
  • ASL GPA of 3.5

"FSU Distinguished ASL Honors" Requirements to be inducted into the National ASL Honor Society and achieve the Laurent Clerc Medal:

  • All requirements for the traditional honors (above), plus:
  • Deaf Culture (ASL 2510) or "ASL 4" (Currently Under SPA 4905; Independent Studies)
  • An additional volunteer experience
  • ASL study must span a minimum of 3 school years, for example:
    • Having taking prior ASL coursework, such as in high school
    • Taking Deaf Culture before or after completing ASL

Apply for ASL Honors during your last semester of meeting the requirements prior to graduation.  For Spring graduation, applications and payment are due at 5pm the first Friday in March.  If graduating in December, please contact Dr.K no later than October to see if medals are available.

Official Pledge of the American Sign Language Honor Society

As a student of ASL, I understand that language can be a powerful connection between peoples of different cultures and backgrounds, bringing them together. Henceforth, I am proud to commit to being a steadfast ally of the Deaf community. I pledge to encourage Deaf and Hearing peoples to come together in unity throughout the world. Lastly, I will reflect the ideals of the American Sign Language Honor Society in scholarship, community service, and personal excellence.